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Welcome to the BEKIND Method - Transforming Group Coaching

Empowering Change Through Empathy and Innovation

Unlock the Power of Group Dynamics with the BEKIND Method

Welcome to a revolutionary approach in the world of coaching! The BEKIND Method is not just a strategy; it’s a journey towards transformative growth for individuals and groups. Born from a blend of psychological insight and practical experience, the BEKIND Method is here to redefine what group coaching can achieve.

What is the BEKIND Method?

The BEKIND Method is a transformative coaching tool designed to address the unique dynamics of group interactions and individual psychological needs. At its core, the method intertwines six key elements: Boundaries, Empathy, Knowledge, Innovative Investigation, Negotiation, and Dissemination and Discussion. This approach is rooted in two well-established psychological theories, Self-Determination Theory (SDT) and Self-Efficacy Theory (SET), ensuring a deep, theory-informed foundation for every coaching session.

Our Approach

Boundaries: Setting clear boundaries lays the foundation for autonomy and respect within the group.

Empathy: At the heart of BEKIND is empathy – understanding and connecting with each member to foster a supportive environment.

Knowledge: We believe in the power of informed decisions and insights, enhancing the competence of each group member.

Innovative Investigation: Encouraging creative solutions and self-directed exploration, aligning with individual needs and goals.

Negotiation: Facilitating effective communication and understanding within the group, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

Dissemination and Discussion: Sharing knowledge and insights to reinforce understanding and collective learning.

Why Choose the BEKIND Method?

For Coaches and Practitioners:

  • Innovative Framework: Discover a method that combines emotional intelligence with practical strategies tailored for group settings.

  • Empowerment Tools: Equip yourself with techniques that foster self-awareness, empathy, and effective negotiation within your groups.

  • Adaptable Strategies: Learn to adapt and refine your approach based on the unique progress and needs of each group.

For Individuals Seeking Growth:

  • Personal Transformation: Join a journey beyond surface-level change, delving into self-discovery and personal evolution.

  • Empathetic Environment: Thrive in a setting where empathy and mutual support are the cornerstones.

  • Collective Success: Be part of a group that values collaborative problem-solving and shared achievements.

Join Us on a Transformative Journey

Whether you’re a seasoned coach or an individual seeking meaningful growth within a group, the BEKIND Method offers a pathway to deeper understanding, effective change, and collective well-being. Explore our resources, join our workshops, and be part of a community committed to transformative coaching.

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